Kinetic Art

windblown leaves in the front yard. b+w
Nature’s Kinetic Art

dynamic sculpture
fickle winds and autumn leaves
nature’s timeless dance

Copyright © 2019-11-18, by Lizl Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

Tuesday’s Eastern Sky

looking east, clouds, tree branches, moon
Eastern Sky: moon and bare tree branches

clouds and tree branches
farther, the first quarter moon
leaves upon the road
wayward breezes stir the waves
moonlight seems lost in the sky

Copyright © Lizl Bennefeld, 2019-11-07.


Before the snow falls

The End of Summer’s Warmth

The next generation provided for, the butterflies linger until the end of their season.

We are now under a Winter Storm Watch extending into Saturday. We may have as much as three feet of snowfall before the leaves have turned from green to brown, while flowers still bloom…for a little while.

Or everything might go around us, in which case I will have time to cut down the perennials and prepare the wildflower garden for winter.

South Side Garden

We may be running out of warm, sunny days, again. Expecting rain for tomorrow and the weekend. The weather forecast for today (Thursday) prompted a thorough mowing of the yard.

I am hoping to transplant the evening promroses from the north and south side gardens to my backyard wildflower garden, once they quit blooming.