Eating – it’s the ornamentation

Soup fixings
Clear, Warm Soup

One of the foods that I enjoy, especially in the autumn and winter, is soup. A clear soup, not creamy, with lots of different tastes in it. This evening’s supper was centered around Thai Kitchen’s garlic and vegetable egg noodle soup packet and decorated with leftover chicken and veggies from the beef rump roast I put in the Crock Pot on Saturday.

I started out with about six ounces of the chicken breast I’d oven baked days earlier, with lite mustard salad dressing. I saved about half of the fajita veggies, most of the mushrooms, and half a package of chopped onions, three different varieties, from the previous purchases for the Crock Pot roast. Most of the mushrooms will go into my lunch salads, first few days of the week. Occasionally I will add additional herbs or spices to my soups. Didn’t, this time. Was good.

Following the Thai noodle soup with veggies and chopped chicken breast, I enjoyed a banana and a gluten-free Cake in a Cup for dessert.

Holidays and Family

I think I started avoiding the parents’ home at the holidays during my first years after college. My job in IT made it easy to do because of the holiday work schedule. End of year is an exciting time in a computer center. It’s all about deadlines. After leaving to start my own business, my holidays vanished. That was the time when clients who had time off from their own jobs could leave their family members at home to take care of holiday preparations while they got their special projects over to me to finish up before Christmas or before New Year’s Day. When I made it home, I slept through a lot of the festivities…or wanted to leave early and get back to my place to catch up on my sleep.

Money was tight during most of the thirty years I ran my own business. Marriage, eight years into the thirty, added emotional support, expanded resources, a car, and a second Christmas and Thanksgiving Day to get to every year. One year, a couple years into self-employment, there was no money for a Christmas present for the parents. And so I wrote a poem, copied it (calligraphy, special paper) and mounted it in an old picture frame.

My parents no longer entertain at Christmas. My own siblings have scattered and formed their own holiday patterns and customs.

And so, looking back to a holiday season decades ago, this is the poem that I wrote:

Born of Love
Elizabeth W. Bennefeld

You taught me how to stand apart,
to understand and be myself.
You gave me the courage to walk alone
when none would join me.
You showed me how to look through words
into the worlds that others live in.
You taught me how to listen
with my heart and dare to make
no judgments
but those born of love.

Note: This poem was written as a Christmas gift to my parents and later published in an anthology featuring works of members of the Australian Chapter of RWA, (WordCraft Publishers, 1999.  Copyright © 1986/1999, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

Perspectives on Dead Leaves

Life Simplification Processes are very complicated. Since the death of my youngest sister at the end of September and my subsequent health issues, December’s arrival was unexpected. Someone should have set up a count-down clock to January and the new year. Along with the winter cold (I hope this is it for the entire season. Why else the pneumonia and flu shot?) has come a need to … stop.

It’s amusing and frustrating that stopping involves so much groundwork. I want the domains that I used for business to vanish, but I want to keep the email addresses. Or, do I really? I don’t want to get back into the “Should I retire? or should I not?” routine. And if I knew what I was doing with the DNS, I would just plug in email forwarding commands. It’s been so many years since I’ve worked with it, I’ve forgotten. The simplest approach is to go ahead and cancel the web hosting, which I have done, and keep renewing the domains until I die. And let emails vanish into the ether. Yeah, I think I can do that.

Color inversions can make the same picture into something totally different. Changing one’s perspective can do the same thing to a life.

Inverted Color Natural Color