Perspectives on Dead Leaves

Life Simplification Processes are very complicated. Since the death of my youngest sister at the end of September and my subsequent health issues, December’s arrival was unexpected. Someone should have set up a count-down clock to January and the new year. Along with the winter cold (I hope this is it for the entire season. Why else the pneumonia and flu shot?) has come a need to … stop.

It’s amusing and frustrating that stopping involves so much groundwork. I want the domains that I used for business to vanish, but I want to keep the email addresses. Or, do I really? I don’t want to get back into the “Should I retire? or should I not?” routine. And if I knew what I was doing with the DNS, I would just plug in email forwarding commands. It’s been so many years since I’ve worked with it, I’ve forgotten. The simplest approach is to go ahead and cancel the web hosting, which I have done, and keep renewing the domains until I die. And let emails vanish into the ether. Yeah, I think I can do that.

Color inversions can make the same picture into something totally different. Changing one’s perspective can do the same thing to a life.

Inverted Color Natural Color