Eating – it’s the ornamentation

Soup fixings
Clear, Warm Soup

One of the foods that I enjoy, especially in the autumn and winter, is soup. A clear soup, not creamy, with lots of different tastes in it. This evening’s supper was centered around Thai Kitchen’s garlic and vegetable egg noodle soup packet and decorated with leftover chicken and veggies from the beef rump roast I put in the Crock Pot on Saturday.

I started out with about six ounces of the chicken breast I’d oven baked days earlier, with lite mustard salad dressing. I saved about half of the fajita veggies, most of the mushrooms, and half a package of chopped onions, three different varieties, from the previous purchases for the Crock Pot roast. Most of the mushrooms will go into my lunch salads, first few days of the week. Occasionally I will add additional herbs or spices to my soups. Didn’t, this time. Was good.

Following the Thai noodle soup with veggies and chopped chicken breast, I enjoyed a banana and a gluten-free Cake in a Cup for dessert.