Domain Changes

After canceling web hosting for my former work domains in December, I started transferring my (mostly previously published) poetry back to (one of my two original domains, the other being Sorting through my MP3s from the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s Online Halloween Poetry Readings at the moment and thinking I also will add my related photo art.

I had been using the site for writing poetry, but I decided to move that process to, which I’ve come to enjoy over the years. It’s easier to keep track of than scattered notes on my various computers, and they’ve got a “private blog” option. The sites, all .net, that have gone away are lizbennefeld (not renewed), thewrittenword, quiltedpoetry and postcard art. (I’ve switched my sfpoetry email to the quiltedpoetry domain.)

There is one other domain, but it is basically for me and pretty boring. ::smile::