This week’s favorites, butcher shop

Meals that I especially enjoyed, this week. Salads always. On this one, I had lite mustard dressing. The cheese & paprika omelette was quite good. When we went grocery shopping, I picked up fajita veggies, again, at the grocery. I sautéed them in olive oil before adding  three well-beaten eggs.


Wednesday, the week’s specials are posted for the butcher shop. This week, round rump roast was $4.49 a pound, and skinless chicken breast was only a dollar less expensive. We bought three pounds of beef and about three quarters of a pound of chicken, and after making a stop to take care of the banking, we went home, so I could cook the week’s meat and refrigerate it before evening. I added no seasoning to the beef roast, but put olive oil in the bottom of the baking pan and cooked it at 350°F until the temperature reached 140°F. The chicken breast I also cooked in the oven to 180°F. I dusted the chicken breast with powdered cumin and powdered ginger, after lightly coating the meat in olive oil. I am looking forward to having roast beef for lunch. The chicken breast gets chopped up to add to salads and soups.