Weekend . . .

Nothing much exciting for the weekend. I got the laundry done this evening (Friday), except for sorting and folding. Meals were random: pulled beef and mashed potatoes for breakfast, lettuce salad with tomato, tuna fish and poppy seed dressing for lunch, and Thai Kitchen’s ginger soup for supper with the rest of the roasted chicken breast cubed and added.

And I got my hair cut again. I found a stylist that I like, at a price I don’t mind paying, and if this works out I will go back to getting a haircut every six weeks instead of twice as long in between.

Weather’s been warm, still. I did find a couple frost pictures to share from years past, though. The weather promised is to be much colder. But snow is not yet in the forecast. I keep thinking that eventually it must, but I guess that is not so.

Frost Patterns

Frost Ferns