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Omelet in the Pan
Omelet in the Pan

I started out Saturday with a fluffy cheese omelet. Melted butter and whisked three eggs and a tablespoon or so of milk to start with. I like to get a lot of air beaten into the eggs for a “not heavy” texture to the omelet.

After raising the edges of the cooking eggs a few times to let the uncooked egg move to the bottom, I added powdered garlic, onion and white pepper, and a layer of grated sharp cheddar cheese. I folded the omelet in two in the pan and let it finish cooking on one side. When I turned it over, I added more paprika, salt-free Cajun seasoning, and grated cheese.

I used to—before I got married, when I made omelets for supper, more often than not—make fluffy, baked omelets that came out more like souffles. I wonder if I still have that souffle ramekin around here somewhere.

After we finished the two-hour refresher Desk Volunteer training class at the marksmanship center, we stopped by the butcher shop, where I got three pounds of skinless chicken breasts. Baked them at 400°F for a little less than an hour. I use a lot of chicken in salads and soups, as well as making a meal of half a breast with rice and veggies, potatoes and salad, or homemade baked beans.

On a whim, I also bought a packet of their made-in-house Cajun sausages. For today’s meal while Al is putting in a volunteer shift as range safety officer, I plan to remove the casing from one of the sausages and slice it up and put it in my scrambled eggs.