A few steps backward

It turns out that I was not ready to “vanish” the email accounts for my three, for the time being absent, domains. I have made the needed changes to restore the mail. The former editing business email addresses will just forward to my Gmail account for another half a year (or so). Haven’t done anything with the other email accounts yet.

While I am making progress on writing, again, I find I miss having a spot to put just my photos for me, not necessarily for other people.

I am not doing well with separating public and private in my own life.

As I regain my health, I find myself wanting to do more things. Still having a lot of problems with blurred vision that goes away when I actually get enough sleep.

I am a spoiled child wanting my own way, to not let go of anything, but always just add more.

That would explain why I don’t want to go to bed, yet, too. I’ve been up so long that I can barely see anything. Alas!