Cajun Sausage Omelet

We bought a package of the butcher shop’s Cajun sausages, and then picked up a container of “Kabob” veggies at the grocery. The sausages are quite hot. Very good! The veggies were fresh and of good quality. I wonder if they’re locally sourced. The grocery stocks a lot of “organic” produce, but I didn’t check for a label on this.

I peeled the casing off the sausage and cut slices, then cut them in two. I also cut the bell pepper and onion slices into smaller hunks. I melted a couple pats of butter in the frying pan and cooked the pepper, onion and sausage until the onion was translucent. The onion practically melts in my mouth when I bite into it, cooked in the omelet. In the meantime, I whipped three eggs, which I poured into the frying pan when the other ingredients were cooked, and then stirred the mixture just enough to get an even spread. When the top of the omelet was firming up, I folded it in half, let it brown a bit more, and then flipped it over to finish the other side. Sprinkled some extra-sharp cheese on top of the omelet before I ate it. Orange juice completed the breakfast.

The sausage was hotter than I’d expected. Good, but I tended to take a drink of the juice between bites. I don’t like bacon in omelets. Maybe I’ll get some ham to cube rather than sausage, or mix the meats half and half.