Laundry, cooking and eating

I hardly remember what I’ve eaten, today. Lots of distractions. I did sleep in, which was comfortable. Samantha didn’t wake me until . . . it was after eight o’clock. I put coffee on to brew for Al, English Breakfast tea for myself, and the arm chuck roast into the Crock Pot to cook.

I also ran essential laundry through the washer and dryer. I’ve found that adding a cup of vinegar to the final rinse really does help to remove residual chemicals. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but it seems the clothes that I wear next to my skin are less abrasive. Note: I do become quite ill from some fragrances and petroleum distillates, as well as combustion by-products.

Samantha's Share?
Samantha’s Share?
We went to the butcher shop and grocery on Saturday. Al stayed in the car with Samantha at both stops, so she could people watch. One of her favorite pastimes, although it ranks below watching what I’m cooking. Very carefully. I bought 3.5 lb of the arm chuck roast that was on sale. I also splurged and spent some of my allowance on a jar of rhubarb-raspberry jam (The Blue House, Hitterdal, Minn.) to mix in with the yogurt I made on Friday.

As tenderizers for the beef roast, aiming for pulled beef, I used the tomato soup again and added honey, which I don’t usually use.

pulled beef in a paper bowl
Pulled Beef – Mine!
I put some olive oil in the bottom of the Crock Pot, then the meat, to which I added a few tablespoons of honey, a couple of tablespoons of Cajun seasoning, and a cup of Pacific Organic’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup. On the low setting, it was falling apart and ready to eat after eight hours. As I was snapping a few pictures of my supper bowl, Samantha was behind my back, considering whether she could abscond with the rest of the roast. She didn’t get the beef, but she was allowed to lick the yogurt jar when I was finished with it.

Jar of yogurt, spoon and rhubarb-raspberry jam
Stirring Jam into the Yogurt