And the day never ended …

Late Supper - tomato soup with unions and yogurt
Hot Tomato Soup with Onions and Yogurt
One disadvantage of getting up late is not going to sleep early. The day, once it got started, never seems to end. By the time I was ready to eat, we decided to take in the $6.00 burgers at Applebee’s. The next time I got hungry was late this evening. I heated the rest of the red pepper and tomato soup and a couple of chopped bunching onions in the microwave and added a tablespoon of plain, homemade yogurt. It was very good.

Most of the evening was spent trying to get my email addresses reconnected to their corresponding passwords. During the afternoon, I looked through themes on the WordPress sites. I am not happy with any of the themes I’ve tried with my poetry site (the one to show to people, not the blog I use for writing and rewriting.)

I’ve accepted on an art/poetry challenge for the coming week: to post three of my poems/art pieces on Facebook each day for five days in a row. At least previously published are acceptable. The photos would be no problem, but it’s been several years since I’ve had a month during which I wrote a poem a day.

Previously on FB I took a turn at a black-and-white photo challenge, posting a photo a day for five days. That was especially fun, because I always shoot in color.

And this is what comes of staying up until my energy is exhausted. I must to bed and to sleep now. G’nite!