Art/Poetry Challenge on FB

The challenge is to post three art pieces or poems each day for five days. I was nominated for the challenge by Deborah Kolodji, whom I know through the Science Fiction Poetry Association. The real challenge is finding someone each day who’s willing to accept the challenge also; I never managed that, last time around, when it was black-and-white photos. For the first day I picked poems from 1977 (Guest), 1997 (On the Anniversary of Your Rebirth), and 2014 (Stuck in the Big Apple).

“Guest” was accepted for publication by what I believe was a small literary journal; I was paid in copies (1 or 2). I usually charged for occasional poetry, but I wrote “On the Anniversary of Your Rebirth” for a friend who was celebrating two years of sobriety.

A few years ago I started having trouble writing poetry…writing anything! That’s when I started writing poems to prompts. Spam posts and emails were sort of fun. “Stuck in the Big Apple” actually did something. So here are the poems I posted on Facebook (ewbennefeld) for the first day of the Art/Poetry challenge.


On the anniversary of your rebirth

Stuck in the big apple