Art/Poetry Challenge – Day 2

Copied from my Facebook page.

Deborah P Kolodji​ nominated me to take part in this challenge. Deborah and I got to know each other initially through the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA)​. The challenge is to post three poems or works of art each day for five consecutive days. Two poems and a photo art piece, today.

“Crying Children”

Crying children whisper through my dreams,
their voices faint and dying
from hunger and from fading hope.

I hold my heart untouched
behind a wall of patient waiting.
A few more months, my heart,
a few months only and they’ll die,
their crying cease.

Then only ghosts of crying children
will disturb your sleep.

Originally published as “Ghosts of Crying Children” in the January/February 1980 issue of OURS (as of 1994, the Adoptive Families Magazine), “Crying Children” has since then been performed and re-published in other venues).


“Born of Love”

You taught me how to stand apart,
to understand and be myself.
You gave me the courage to walk alone
when none would join me.
You showed me how to look through words
into the worlds that others live in.

You taught me how to listen
with my heart and dare to make
no judgments
but those born of love.

Written as a gift to my parents, Christmas 1987, suitable for framing. I had left corporate for freelance writing and editing and did not have any money for presents, that year, so I wrote the poem before I headed home on Christmas morning and wrote it out on a good paper. (I also did calligraphy for a few years in the 1980s.)

Iris in Waiting


4 thoughts on “Art/Poetry Challenge – Day 2

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that you like it. I am not able to go into my parents’ house for any length of time (my MCS vs. their cleaning products), but I have seen the poem in a frame. I’m thinking it was in the living room in their curio cabinet.

      If they haven’t tossed it by then, I may get it back when my brother Eric and his wife have the house, after the parents die. They’ve been doing a lot of sorting and tossing and gifting, the past few years.

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