Art/Poetry Challenge – Day 4

Deborah P Kolodji nominated me to take part in this challenge. The challenge is to post three poems or works of art on my Facebook page each day for five consecutive days. (Also, to nominate a poet and/or artist to pick up the challenge. Alas!)

This has been a lot of fun. I’ve got some older poetry that has been languishing in old file folders for a while. Also, I used to put together custom chapbooks of my poetry in the late 80s and early 90s that people wanted to give as presents, as well as generic ones. Sort of a nostalgia trip, this challenge.

For today, a poem from the late 60s. I think. Also, two photo art pieces. “Exploring my World” is from 2010 or earlier, and “Leaves in Flight”, from the middle of October 2014.



Snow, light-reddened, falls
outside the window,
tears inside forbidden so to fall.
The night sings closely to my mind.
Lake clearness on a summer’s day, the snow—
my other visage.


A Flock of Leaves in Flight
A Flock of Leaves in Flight
Young boy in summer walking toward an apple tree
Exploring My World

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