Where has the time gone? Late breakfast!

I was awake until after five, this morning, working with my tablets and cell phone, changing email passwords, updating apps, etc. Somewhere in there, I decided to take a shower and wash my hair. When I did get to sleep, though, I slept soundly and was up by a little after eleven o’clock.

2-egg omelet with sliced polish sausage and extra sharp cheddar cheese, on a blue-pattern paper plate
Sausage & Cheddar Cheese Omelet

My husband woke up a little while later, and so I put on coffee and offered to make scrambled eggs for him. He likes his scrambled eggs moist and fluffy, totally different from the way I make my omelets. Scrambled eggs and orange juice (with lots of pulp).

For my omelet, I used two eggs, two tablespoons of whole milk, a polish sausage, and extra sharp cheddar cheese before serving. I whipped the milk with the eggs until they were frothy and poured them into the frying pan containing the melted butter. Once the base had set, I placed the sausage slices evenly around the center of the omelet. I covered the frying pan with a sauce pan lid and let the omelet cook until it was fairly firm around the sausages and pulling back a bit from the sides of the frying pan. Then I removed the lid and folded the omelet. After turning the omelet over to let the other side brown, I sprinkled some cheese over the top.

Putting in a little milk instead of an extra egg works well, when I whisk them thoroughly to mix in lots of air. The omelet looks like it was made using three eggs.

Now, to get other things done while my phone is downloading updates. I haven’t posted my Art/Poetry challenge for Day 3 on this blog, I think, and I totally do not know what I’m posting for Days 4 and 5.

Things got terribly hectic, and I ran out of time to make yogurt for the coming week, so I will have to do that this weekend. In the interim, when we bought salad greens for this coming week, early yesterday evening, I also got a carton of Old Home plain yogurt (which I have in the past used as starter) to tide over me and Samantha. The dog eats well, here.