Art/Poetry Challenge – Day Five (final)

fallen autumn leaves drifted down (manipulated greyscale)
Not Still Life

This is Day 5 of the Art/Poetry Challenge. My thanks to Deborah P Kolodji for nominating me for it. The challenge consisted of posting (on Facebook) three poems or art pieces (mix or match) for five days…and nominating someone each day to also pick up the challenge. I completed the first part of the challenge, but not the second.

For this final day I selected two of my poems that touch on love, this being Valentine’s Day, et al. Today’s photo art piece is “Not Still Life”: leaves fallen to the ground beneath a tree.



The bed still holds the warmth of his body,
as though the time he’s been away
is just a moment and
the loneliness, a child’s dream.

Copyright © 1977, Liz Bennefeld.


“At Allantide”

At Allantide the young girls sleep,
an apple beneath each pillow,
dreaming of their love to be.

At Allantide I sit awake, apple in hand,
waiting for the dear, sweet Allan of my dreams
to come again and dance underneath the moon,
orange above, amid dry barley propped up in sheaves.

Bones rattling, he takes my hand.
We spin across the threshing floor in tight embrace.
He promises, this Allantide . . . or maybe next,

Only a ghostly apple will sit upon a pillow
not dented when I can no longer stay awake.
Face matching his, I’ll dance a final song with him,
And then we both can sleep.

– Elizabeth Bennefeld, 5 Oct. 2007 [Written for the Science Fiction
Poetry Association’s 2007 Online Halloween Poetry Reading Web page; MP3 available on this page.]