Unexpected Arrival (Day 2)

Writing 201: Poetry

Assignment: A limerick
Device: Alliteration
Prompt: Journey

I set off one day on a junket
With bedroll, a bag, and a bucket.
The roads, so they say,
run only one way.
How did I end up on Nantucket?


5 thoughts on “Unexpected Arrival (Day 2)

  1. I’m still trying with this challenge; the alliteration is harder than I imagined BUT you have done a really great job with your Limerick. Nice!


    1. So kind of you to say so! I had the last line right off the bat, and then had to keep taking breaks from cooking supper to scribble in the other lines on my computer as it wrote itself out in my mind. Funny how it just does that, sometimes. 😀


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