Frost/Frost Art

There was frost on the windows, today, with enough light in it to do some more “Frost on the Windows” art. One, so far, in two versions.


Frost ferns on the window
Frost Art


heat map of frost fern detail
Frost Detail – Heat Map


3 thoughts on “Frost/Frost Art

  1. Some of my FB friends were sharing pics of the frost on their windows and I commented that it looked like fern art.

    I like that you’re sharing this in your blog. And, how you’ve transformed it into your own work of art is amazing.


    1. Thanks so much, Colleen! I am so pleased. I also share frost photos and “fern art” on my facebook page (lizbennefeld), some of it public and a lot of it limited to my friends list.

      I have SO MUCH fun with it, and it delights me to know that so many others enjoy the same experience.


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