Hollyhock in Rain – tired of winter, now

Photoart: Pink hollyhock with raindrops beaded on flower, front and back
Hollyhocks in Rain

Now that we have a nice bit of snow on the ground (relatively speaking), it’s warm enough to melt it off the streets.


3 thoughts on “Hollyhock in Rain – tired of winter, now

    1. Thank you. The hollyhocks grow like weeds, here, popping up all over the yard, now, 20 years after planting them. I do love the flowers, though, and the honey bees are pleased with them. The honey bees are starting to come back, but there still are more wild bees; all that’s missing now are the big bumblebees. I am hopeful that they will reappear, one of these years. They really love the hollyhocks.

      That’s another subject that requires lots of standing still (in addition to the fallen/falling leaves): bees flying from one bloom to the next, I should dig one out. I know I have (erm . . . ) hundreds of photos of bees in hollyhocks. I use the macro function, usually, and sometimes the super-macro.

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      1. I love photographing bees & use the macro function on my lens – apparently it’s called a close-ip. Not real macro. But yes, the standing still and the waitinff and then the frantic focusing 😀


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