Still on the sick list . . .

I’ve checks to write and mail, today, but I think that aside from that, it’s a little mild exercise and then back into sleep. However, I still have a recent frost photo that I can share.

Photo no. 16937 - Color Enhanced
Photo no. 16937 – Color Enhanced

My SpO2 is up from 85% to 89% from when awakening, and my pulse rate has dropped from 101 to 69 bpm, but still experiencing eye strain, I think, and fatigue. A long stretch of sleep, i think. Hopefully, I can play catch-up with the poems over the weekend.

With regard to the “animal” prompt for yesterday’s poem, when I think about animals, my mind goes straight to PETA, changing weather patterns, and species extinction. I didn’t realize the amount of anger (frustration?) in me related to such matters.

ETA: Feeling much, much better after longish sleep. Going to try an outing for groceries after a bit. Maybe even the butcher shop.