Hollyhocks with Bees

I stand totally still in front of the hollyhocks and wait for a bee or wasp or hoverfly to land in a flower and have its picture taken. Sometimes I just watch them and forget about the camera.

In the summertime, I often take pictures of the bees in the garden flowers. The hollyhocks have run wild after 20 years, and so we are trying to get rid of them. Also, the peonies in the back yard are failing. This spring I must rid the vegetable garden of the rabbit’s den much earlier, so I can prepare it for planting in April.


5 thoughts on “Hollyhocks with Bees

    1. 🙂 They come up all over the front and back yards both. There is no end to their tenacity. That one little packet from a friend, 20 years ago, will outlive us all.


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