O Hidden Drawer

“O Hidden Drawer”

Secrets tucked away against tomorrows,
Life that’s not yet realized. Keeper of Mysteries,
You hold a cache of tokens that reflect
A different me, a stranger to close friends.

Three flash memory sticks that contain
Passwords for devices and accounts
I no longer own or which have sat in a closet,
Broken, for months or years or decades.

Keys are in the drawer. Relatives’ keys
To safe deposit boxes–I don’t know where–
Left to me for their safekeeping.
When they’re dead, I’ll throw away the keys.

Short-term hope! My husband bought
A raffle ticket for me, in case I should like
Another chance for him to win a prize
Without himself appearing spendthrifty.

And last: one extended bolt release, three thumb tacks,
And an old gift card with an expiration date
That makes it useful into the next decade,
Should I have to get out of town in a hurry.

“O Hidden Drawer”, Lizl Bennefeld, 2015-02-26

Written for day 8 of Writing 201: Poetry


4 thoughts on “O Hidden Drawer

  1. I know enumeratio was Day 9’s device — but it’s everywhere in this poem, and it works so well. The accumulation of these mundane details and objects creates a powerful sense of anticipation (and even dread). I really enjoyed reading this!

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