Now that Writing 201: Poetry is officially over, and also the 5-day Art/Poetry Challenge, I am tending toward returning to spreading my posts over my blogs according to content. It’s the Life Simplification Process (LSP) that I’ve been working. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” sort of thing.

  • The Moments Between (this blog): Photos and Cooking
  • The Art of Disorder: Health, lifestyle, mundane mumblings, angst, &c.
  • Quilted Poetry (WordPress): My poetry, other people’s, thoughts about poetry, possibly more poetry prompts someday
  • Patchwork Prose: Book orders, pre-orders, opinions, and sometimes reviews

I have several other domains. I’m using one for experimenting with various WP themes, and another for poetry writing. Patchwork Prose may end up with my SFPA Halloween Reading poems, because that is the only site right now where I can upload audio files. Or I can just link to the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s pages.