Wide awake

I woke up at 3:30, this morning. At this point, I have given up on getting back to sleep. I turned on the lights in my room and the kitchen, and I have brewed a cup of tea. (Red Rose…strong and hot!) First thing after I awoke, I checked the computer to see whether anyone of my acquaintance had died overnight, but did not spot any relevant notices. Checked my mother’s blog and found that she went to bed about the same time I did, so I wrote a short response to her note and went away, again.

The tea’s going down pretty good. I think I’ll reheat last night’s casserole for breakfast. The casserole consisted of leftover rice, garlic and vegetable soup mix with tapioca noodles, chopped bunching onions, and kale with a red bell pepper on the side. I think I ate all of the bell pepper, last go-around. I think I’ve got a yellow one still in the vegetable bin that I can add … and some more onions. And a bit of soy sauce substitute.

And, I see, there is the apple that I was going to eat and share with the puppy dog before I went to sleep. I did not get to it, and she did not drag it off to her kennel. All is good!