This day in 2009

Severe flooding of the Red River Valley of the North - mosaic of photos
The Red RIver at Fargo (ND)-Moorhead (MN)

March 28 was the day when sightseers were allowed on the bridge and along the river. There were people with cameras all over the place. Emergency dike build was also taking place using tractor front loaders; we watched for a while on our way to the bridge. After crossing, we were able to get onto the multi-level parking ramp at the riverside of the Moorhead Center Mall and take photos. The road along the river, of course, was totally underwater, as were the road by the Hjemkomst Center, right up to the bottom of the railroad bridge.

I didn’t go out in 2009 for emergency services communication work (amateur radio), although I had for the devastating flood of 1997. That year, Al and I were out on University Drive South and headed south, as it disappeared under the flood waters. The cities had gotten more organized for flood events by that point, and so the amateur radio volunteers were not utilized so broadly.