Tuesday Morning Outing

On Tuesday, we had two chores: Samantha’s veterinary appointment and voting in a city-wide election. Al prefers not to vote unless the outcome is in question, and so I voted after Sam’s appointment, while Al and Sam (attached by leash) walked in the parking lot and visited with voters coming and going. Of course, regarding both candidates and the change to the city charter change, my positions were in the minority. However, one of the people for whom I voted came in second by less than 2%, and I felt good about contributing to his good showing.

Samantha had a fun time at the veterinary’s office, running to greet the assistant in the examination room to get hugs and kisses and unexpected treats. She enjoys going out to meet people. I think she even enjoys the attention of the examination…aside from people trying to open her mouth and look inside. She grits her teeth and puts on her stubborn face. When we got home after the checkup and the voting stop, she collected Flea for a walk through the backyard and garden, and then settled in among the weeds in the garden, where they enjoyed the warmth and the sunshine. At last, city ordinance changes allow three years between rabies shots, rather than two.

black cocker spaniel holding toy flea in her mouth and wearing a new bandana
Sam’s New Bandana
dog and toy flea lying in last year's wild flax plants
Samantha and Flea, Sunning Themselves

Sunlight and Flowers

The temperatures and wind were suitable for going outside, early yesterday afternoon. Tulips begin to open up, and I am trying to get photographs before we get more wind, later in the week. I especially like the brilliant greens of new leaves on the bushes. (Must get Al to help cut out the dead trunks from the westernmost stand.) The afternoon sun lights them up as it shines through the branches.

It has been nice, finally, not to run the furnace. I am hoping to avoid the use of air conditioning for another month.

Spring Flowers

RIght side of tulip, looking down, with two leaves, hot wax filter
Tulip and Leaves
 With the return of spring temperatures, along with less stiff winds, the second round of tulips are blooming. These should be followed shortly by the yellow tulips with red-tinged petals.

The weekend was quiet, I think. Our sleep patterns have been quite extraordinarily erratic, and I did not have my first meal, today, until after six o’clock. We went to Denny’s, tonight. I’d at least eaten an orange when I got up the first time, but Al had nothing, having submerged again in his coding project.

If the weather is favorable, and if I am awake during the day, I may take some sharp implements and see if I can start turning the dirt in the garden, so that I can at least have bare ground in which to plant some herbs and wildflowers.

The writing prompts for the daily blog are interesting, but so not where my head is. I expect that I have not lived a life in which paying attention to the activities suggested as writing topics have not been noted as relevant. It’s really odd. Common events, I am sure, but for the life of me, I cannot think of specific instances that fall into their general categories.

Second Sight

I have written a poem to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab prompt: Second. “Second Sight” – http://t.co/z8RkMQUes0

I came into it late, and so I am hoping to catch up, this weekend, on the prompts that I missed at the beginning.

Also, Samantha and I went out into the back yard, this afternoon, and took photographs of the leaves on the ground. It’s really been too chilly to go out and rake them up. New leaves are coming out on the Cotoneasters, now, in spite of the cold.

last fall's leaves beneath the Cotoneaster bushes
Fallen Leaves and New Grass

The small Cotoneaster bush on the west end of the fence line has lost the whole sun-facing side. Most of the branches that are in sunlight and wind for most of the day have not leafed out. I will need Al’s help to saw them off.

Omelet, anyone?

Denver Omelet and Toast
Denver Omelet & G-F Toast

My own variation on a Denver (Western, Southwest) Omelet. Heat butter in a small frying pan, add kosher salt to taste, then introduce enough fresh salsa to cover the bottom and sauté it. When the onions are soft, add three whipped eggs. Stir for scrambled eggs, turning down the temperature, or maintain temperature and proceed as usual in cooking the omelet. I find that there is not One True Way in cooking egg dishes.

That wasn’t my breakfast, however. Breakfast was tapioca pudding and leftover rotisserie chicken. Al and I have found gluten-free puddings like the ones we enjoyed during childhood. Life will never be the same! (I still am losing weight, but not enough to worry about, even though I am not dieting. About ten percent over the past half year.) On the same “goodies” run that supplied the salsa, I also bought enough salad to last into next week, grapefruit juice, a pint of pineapple-coconut ice cream, and seedless red grapes. It’s been years since I last bought grapes, and I’m hoping to have a cup of them before I go to sleep.

A couple of nights ago, I got involved in writing, and Al, who is learning yet another programming language, was busy coding a program to store and display the temperature of the water coming into the house, which will be useful next winter to determine when we should turn the flow of water on and off, so as to keep the pipes from freezing while wasting the least amount necessary. Time passed unnoticed from one o’clock and five o’clock in the morning.  Ah, the good old days when we both worked night-shift hours! With retirement, we’ve reverted to our natural life patterns.

Speaking of which . . . grapes!

Tuesday’s passed

Sky and Street Scenes
Tuesday’s Sunshine

Although Tuesday was cold and windy, the clouds cleared and the sun shone through for a while in the afternoon. I checked on my tulips, and the flowers had tucked themselves in away from the wintry weather.

I napped a lot throughout the day. The congestion in my chest is clearing out, and I am going to try to get back to sleep for a few more hours. (I woke up after ten o’clock this evening and had…lunch, I think it must have been. I’m giving up the idea of supper.)

Rereading Lady-Protector by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. I like the Corean series this time through. It may be that the story calls for a quieter state of mind.

I think it is good that I retired. Should perhaps have done so a year or two earlier. I am seriously considering screening all of my telephone calls. However, getting rid of the landline certainly has helped create a more soothing environment. I have the Tropical Surf and Rainy Afternoon CDs on my desktop computer. Put them on a playlist set to Repeat.

What I’d really like is a DVD that plays nothing but an aquarium with water sounds.

An April Day

snow falling, gardening shed in the background
Snow in April


After an enjoyable spring and the blooming of the early tulips on the north side of the house, we are enjoying a recurrence of low temperatures around the freezing point, this week. Cold, windy, and these past few days, quite dampish. There, several times, have been snow flurries. Al also mentioned sleet, but I must have slept through that. I don’t know if the tulips still will be there for me to photograph. I should have done that earlier.

I woke up with some heaviness in my lungs, and I am staying home and drinking plenty of liquids. I think that I have been in too many stores (and a restaurant) in recent days, and I really don’t want to start worrying about my oxygen level again. (That pretty much indicates, I’m worrying about my oxygen level, again.) It’s cool enough that I could go out for a walk, but the wind is 30 mph/gusts to 39 mph, which lowers the wind-chill temperature to 22°F.

My highlights, then, for today are laundry, yogurt making, washing yogurt jars, and figuring out what I did with that form that arrived in yesterday’s mail, which I put down (on the desk?) and promptly lost.

Or, maybe I’ll just read another book. (^_~)

Note on Poetry 101 Rehab: No Forevers

Link to: Mara Easton’s Blog
The writing prompt is “Day”.

I posted my response poem to today’s Poetry 101 Rehab writing prompt to my poetry blog (QuiltedPoetry.net) – http://wp.me/p5BCD4-6r – “No Forevers”

I hope the poem reflects the idea that the passage of time is subjective and may vary with the significance of events for each individual.