Breakfast &c.

I woke up a little after seven o’clock, this morning, and had the next-to-the-last cup of Toddy coffee while I browned the packet of Italian sausage we’d bought at the butcher shop on Sunday. I added the remnants of chopped onion to the pan, also. When it was done, I divided it into thirds, putting two containers into the freezer and leaving one in the refrigerator for more immediate use. It went nicely with the scrambled eggs, bell pepper slices, strawberry jam, a couple of berries and a glass of orange juice.


After I ate breakfast, I brought out the Toddy Coffee maker and put half a pound of medium-grind coffee to soak in five cups of water. The coffee concentrate will be ready for decanting at ten o’clock tonight. I must have that last bit of Toddy coffee, this afternoon, and wash out the carafe for the next batch. I’ve taken to steeping half a pound at a time, rather than a full pound. Just because that weight is easier to handle when I lift the container to balance it on the carafe and pull the cork out of the bottom.

We have (tentatively) switched our Internet to cable from DSL. A few more weeks within which to make the decision, here. I am in favor of also dropping the landline, since our number is one digit off from a rental management company and used to be the telephone number for a local Friends monthly meeting, which was laid down some years ago. I think the latter is why we keep getting telephone marketing calls to “update” our “Google listing”.

Taking iron supplements consistently seems to be helping with both my general energy level and my sleep patterns. I’m now sleeping between six and nine hours each night. My oxygen level’s still not great, but I am able to put more miles on the exercise bike, again, and I continue to lose weight without trying to do so. I think that I ate because I had no energy, and so tried to add calories; The iron supplements boost my energy level, and so I do not eat to gain more energy. Also, I cleared a spot on one of the living room bookshelves for my Nook tablet and moved the exercise bike in front of it, so I can read while I am on the bike. I read for nearly five miles, yesterday, without noticing how long I’d been at it.

I have noticed that in the interim I have not kept up on any of my personal correspondence, and I feel badly about that. Maintaining relationships is, seemingly, lower on my priority list than it should be.