Food & Sports Highlights

A bowl of Thai kitchen ginger soup with chicken breast and orange slices with bunching onions.
Orange & Ginger Chicken Soup

I have been eating fewer meals that include Thai Kitchen soup, lately, thinking that less salt and flavorings would be good. Last night, however, I was really hungry for hot soup, and I had a few soup packets in the downstairs pantry. To a one-serving packet of ginger soup with tapioca noodles (of necessity, gluten free), I added about six ounces of roast chicken breast, chopped bunching onions, and an orange, sliced with the peel still on.

This morning, Al and I got up early for shooting at the Marksmanship Center’s pistol range. We didn’t get up early enough to fix breakfast, and so I had some gluten-free tapioca pudding. We found some puddings that taste pretty much like the homemade stuff from our childhoods: rice, tapioca, and chocolate. I like them a lot more than our traditional treat of ice cream by the pint (vanilla bean or coffee flavor for me, and rocky road for Al). I shot quite well; again, the .22 competition pistol with the scope (I must get an appointment with the optometrist soon) at fifty feet. Shooting at a timed fire rate, I’m scoring in the 90s; that seems to be my best rate and distance. The rapid fire is still falling into the upper 80s.

Afterwards we stopped at the butcher shop, where we found chicken breasts on sale for under $3 a pound, and so I bought five pounds. Which I should have put into the oven to roast, this evening, but I fell asleep, late afternoon, and woke four and a half hours later. Maybe I still will roast them tonight. At least I put the sheets in the dryer and set it going before I sat down in the recliner to check my email on the tablet. When I woke, the lap desk was still on my lap, the tablet on it.

At the grocery, I bought some Braeburn apples, two Dole salad mixes and bunching onions, Greek yogurt to supplement my supply of homemade, since it looks as though I won’t get to yogurt making until Saturday, and milk for making the homemade yogurt. Al got new Campbell’s Chunky chowder soups and Cheese Whiz.


sliced, reheated, roast chicken breast, two bunching onions, and rhubarb-raspberry jam
Roast Chicken Breast with, Jam, Onions and Potato Salad

For lunch, because we bought all that chicken, I fixed the remainder of the last purchase for lunch. Reheated roast chicken breast topped with a generous amount of rhubarb-raspberry jam, bunching onions, and potato salad, also from the butcher shop. They have a good selection of salads and other sides, as well as homemade sausages and brats. The skinless Mushroom & Swiss brats were tempting; I think we still have a grill in semi-storage. Garage or gardening shed? Not in my gazebo! Might be nice to do at least one meal of outdoor cooking, this summer. Perhaps, with the drought and all, there won’t be so many mosquitoes, this summer.

The chicken is now baking cheerfully in the oven. Guess I’m going to be up a while. Long enough and then some for rescuing the clean sheets from the dryer and making my bed up fresh.