Peace and Quiet

I had not realized how much “noise pollution” there had been in the house until we discontinued our land-line telephone service, last week. In addition to the “Window server”/”let us invade your home computer” and “Update your Google listing” calls, we routinely received telephone calls intended for a local residential retail management company—anything from inquiries on available apartment rentals to leaky ceilings or toilets during the wee hours of the morning. And there were calls for a one-person law firm and an independent insurance agent/financial advisor whose telephone numbers also were one digit off from ours.

This is the fourth day on which there has not been a single telephone call to interrupt my concentration or wake me from a nap. My blood oxygen level is normal, and my pulse rate is in the lower 60s. I think I could get used to this. If the outside temperature were in the 60s instead of the 40s °F, I would have opened my window to better listen to the falling rain.