An April Day

snow falling, gardening shed in the background
Snow in April


After an enjoyable spring and the blooming of the early tulips on the north side of the house, we are enjoying a recurrence of low temperatures around the freezing point, this week. Cold, windy, and these past few days, quite dampish. There, several times, have been snow flurries. Al also mentioned sleet, but I must have slept through that. I don’t know if the tulips still will be there for me to photograph. I should have done that earlier.

I woke up with some heaviness in my lungs, and I am staying home and drinking plenty of liquids. I think that I have been in too many stores (and a restaurant) in recent days, and I really don’t want to start worrying about my oxygen level again. (That pretty much indicates, I’m worrying about my oxygen level, again.) It’s cool enough that I could go out for a walk, but the wind is 30 mph/gusts to 39 mph, which lowers the wind-chill temperature to 22°F.

My highlights, then, for today are laundry, yogurt making, washing yogurt jars, and figuring out what I did with that form that arrived in yesterday’s mail, which I put down (on the desk?) and promptly lost.

Or, maybe I’ll just read another book. (^_~)


One thought on “An April Day

  1. My goodness, it is still very cold there. brrrrr. Reading and time in kitchen sound much more enticing than a walk in the cold wind. Stay warm and well. Xx


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