Tuesday’s passed

Sky and Street Scenes
Tuesday’s Sunshine

Although Tuesday was cold and windy, the clouds cleared and the sun shone through for a while in the afternoon. I checked on my tulips, and the flowers had tucked themselves in away from the wintry weather.

I napped a lot throughout the day. The congestion in my chest is clearing out, and I am going to try to get back to sleep for a few more hours. (I woke up after ten o’clock this evening and had…lunch, I think it must have been. I’m giving up the idea of supper.)

Rereading Lady-Protector by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. I like the Corean series this time through. It may be that the story calls for a quieter state of mind.

I think it is good that I retired. Should perhaps have done so a year or two earlier. I am seriously considering screening all of my telephone calls. However, getting rid of the landline certainly has helped create a more soothing environment. I have the Tropical Surf and Rainy Afternoon CDs on my desktop computer. Put them on a playlist set to Repeat.

What I’d really like is a DVD that plays nothing but an aquarium with water sounds.