Omelet, anyone?

Denver Omelet and Toast
Denver Omelet & G-F Toast

My own variation on a Denver (Western, Southwest) Omelet. Heat butter in a small frying pan, add kosher salt to taste, then introduce enough fresh salsa to cover the bottom and sauté it. When the onions are soft, add three whipped eggs. Stir for scrambled eggs, turning down the temperature, or maintain temperature and proceed as usual in cooking the omelet. I find that there is not One True Way in cooking egg dishes.

That wasn’t my breakfast, however. Breakfast was tapioca pudding and leftover rotisserie chicken. Al and I have found gluten-free puddings like the ones we enjoyed during childhood. Life will never be the same! (I still am losing weight, but not enough to worry about, even though I am not dieting. About ten percent over the past half year.) On the same “goodies” run that supplied the salsa, I also bought enough salad to last into next week, grapefruit juice, a pint of pineapple-coconut ice cream, and seedless red grapes. It’s been years since I last bought grapes, and I’m hoping to have a cup of them before I go to sleep.

A couple of nights ago, I got involved in writing, and Al, who is learning yet another programming language, was busy coding a program to store and display the temperature of the water coming into the house, which will be useful next winter to determine when we should turn the flow of water on and off, so as to keep the pipes from freezing while wasting the least amount necessary. Time passed unnoticed from one o’clock and five o’clock in the morning.  Ah, the good old days when we both worked night-shift hours! With retirement, we’ve reverted to our natural life patterns.

Speaking of which . . . grapes!


2 thoughts on “Omelet, anyone?

  1. Looks delicious. We eat lots of eggs this time of year as the hens are very active laying on longer days. Omelets one of our faves. And pineapple coconut ice cream, tapioca pudding, really lovely. Red grapes are so good for you too. Sounds like you are eating really well, good energy foods…no wonder you still awake at 5am 😉


    1. I have been sleeping soundly, now, and waking up to the alarm clock. This morning, it was to rescue the yogurt from its incubator. I look forward to having some before I get my haircut this afternoon. (Bought more red grapes and tapioca pudding, yesterday, and salad greens.) A big change over the past month has been to play my environmental sounds on the computer when I sleep. Last night, “tropical surf”, which I notice is still playing. It’s soothing, restful. 🙂


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