Second Sight

I have written a poem to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab prompt: Second. “Second Sight” –

I came into it late, and so I am hoping to catch up, this weekend, on the prompts that I missed at the beginning.

Also, Samantha and I went out into the back yard, this afternoon, and took photographs of the leaves on the ground. It’s really been too chilly to go out and rake them up. New leaves are coming out on the Cotoneasters, now, in spite of the cold.

last fall's leaves beneath the Cotoneaster bushes
Fallen Leaves and New Grass

The small Cotoneaster bush on the west end of the fence line has lost the whole sun-facing side. Most of the branches that are in sunlight and wind for most of the day have not leafed out. I will need Al’s help to saw them off.