Spring Flowers

RIght side of tulip, looking down, with two leaves, hot wax filter
Tulip and Leaves
 With the return of spring temperatures, along with less stiff winds, the second round of tulips are blooming. These should be followed shortly by the yellow tulips with red-tinged petals.

The weekend was quiet, I think. Our sleep patterns have been quite extraordinarily erratic, and I did not have my first meal, today, until after six o’clock. We went to Denny’s, tonight. I’d at least eaten an orange when I got up the first time, but Al had nothing, having submerged again in his coding project.

If the weather is favorable, and if I am awake during the day, I may take some sharp implements and see if I can start turning the dirt in the garden, so that I can at least have bare ground in which to plant some herbs and wildflowers.

The writing prompts for the daily blog are interesting, but so not where my head is. I expect that I have not lived a life in which paying attention to the activities suggested as writing topics have not been noted as relevant. It’s really odd. Common events, I am sure, but for the life of me, I cannot think of specific instances that fall into their general categories.