Tuesday Morning Outing

On Tuesday, we had two chores: Samantha’s veterinary appointment and voting in a city-wide election. Al prefers not to vote unless the outcome is in question, and so I voted after Sam’s appointment, while Al and Sam (attached by leash) walked in the parking lot and visited with voters coming and going. Of course, regarding both candidates and the change to the city charter change, my positions were in the minority. However, one of the people for whom I voted came in second by less than 2%, and I felt good about contributing to his good showing.

Samantha had a fun time at the veterinary’s office, running to greet the assistant in the examination room to get hugs and kisses and unexpected treats. She enjoys going out to meet people. I think she even enjoys the attention of the examination…aside from people trying to open her mouth and look inside. She grits her teeth and puts on her stubborn face. When we got home after the checkup and the voting stop, she collected Flea for a walk through the backyard and garden, and then settled in among the weeds in the garden, where they enjoyed the warmth and the sunshine. At last, city ordinance changes allow three years between rabies shots, rather than two.

black cocker spaniel holding toy flea in her mouth and wearing a new bandana
Sam’s New Bandana
dog and toy flea lying in last year's wild flax plants
Samantha and Flea, Sunning Themselves