Darwin Hybrid Tulips

I do not remember if these are the variety that my mother gave me soon after Al and I got married, or if they were from the tulips that my friend Isla and I bought and divided up, some years later. Whichever, they are among my favorites. I’m pretty sure they are Beauty of Apeldoorn Darwin Hybrid tulips. They bloom year after year.

Whatever year we finally schedule work done, building up the dirt around the house, again, I need it to be when I can dig up the bulbs and put them away in the cool of the basement and replant them in the fall. I also need to dig up the early tulips in the north side-garden and plant them in a more sheltered spot, if possible, so they don’t get caught in the freeze-thaw cycle, catching both the morning sun reflecting off the house and the strong winds that dry out the soil. That is the side of the house that is especially good for the white wild violets and the mexican hats. I need to find another perennial wildflower to add to that garden to fill out the rest of the year. Low maintenance, since I have to consider my allergies more closely during ragweed season, which has gotten longer over recent decades.


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    1. If you decide to go ahead and plant some, American Meadows has some informative articles on their site. You can mix the varieties so that you get early, mid-season, &c., blooming plants. I’m lucky to live in a spot where my perennial tulips do come up every year. 🙂

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