Rain and more rain

Yesterday and today, there has been rain. I’ve stayed in, mostly. I have read several books, these past two days. And did some laundry, again.

Al (husband) slept in a bit, so when he woke up and moved from the bed to his computer room recliner, I brought coffee and scrambled eggs to him, so he could eat while digging into his computer programming project again. I found out that he didn’t go to bed until after four o’clock, this morning. I was sound asleep by two o’clock or so.

He likes scrambled eggs, but I prefer omelets. For myself, I made a three-egg omelet with garlic and onion powder and paprika, topped with a couple tablespoons of strawberry preserves. We picked up more of the shaved ham that he likes, and so he’s having a late supper of sandwiches…and, I expect, some of the potato salad.

On Wednesday, we made our mid-week trip to the butcher shop, and in the evening picked up my salad greens, salad dressing, and some ice cream at the grocery. I’m still working on the grapes from a previous trip and the carrots, but we did buy nuts (unsalted, roasted almonds for me and cashews for Al). This week’s sales items at the butcher shop were potato salad and skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Cooked all five pounds, and then froze half of it for the weekend. Also got half a gallon of milk for making more yogurt, Friday evening.

I’ve been having some problems with my favorite .22 competition pistol, this last month, in spite of having cleaned and oiled it as much as possible without stripping it down. Late this afternoon, Al took it all apart (requires a soft mallet), found a spot that I had missed that caused problems with the extractor. (Putting it back together also requires the mallet.) Al went to the range to try it out, afterwards, and the action is good, now, but he says I’m going to have to readjust the optical sight.

I think that I am no longer good at multitasking. Today it was like having a bowl of Jello in one hand and having trouble opening the refrigerator door, and so you leave the Jello bowl hanging in the air so both hands are free to pull on the door handle.

Finally all is calm and quiet around me.