Weekend notes

Moon and reflection on the clouds
Moon Above the Rainclouds

I took this photo just before three in the morning, May 9, through the front-door window. Our weather has turned cloudy, windy and with much rain, and predictions of snow now appear in the forecast of this coming week.

Al mowed the front and back yards and removed the leaves covering the downspouts. While he mowed the front, I went out several times to gather twigs and dig up some emerging thistles from the back yard. This was our last shot at it for a while, dry enough to mow the new grass. The winds have been terrible, and I did have to take a break because of the dust and pollen in the air. I did not get out again, but took a nap with Samantha on my lap. She has been alternating between me and Al, today. Wants a lot of attention. Perhaps because the temperature is lower inside as well as out.

Al has decided to find a landscaping company to redo our yard, adding dirt and removing the old, unused sidewalks that cause the rain to drain toward the house, rather than away. I expect that all of my flowers will disappear in the midst of it all. I am going to ask how much extra it might take to put in some elevated garden plots that would make it easier for me to grow herbs and some vegetables. What I have now requires bending over more than is practical. I would like garden strips that are accessible from both sides.

When I know what the yard will look like and what I can get in the way of garden, I will do some serious planning on flower varieties to extend the season for blooms. Minimal maintenance would also be good. I do enjoy being able to use my own chives for salads, rice, omelets and such. I expect they will go also. I may shop for an indoor growing kit in the interim. We have no window sills on which to put indoor plants where they would receive light, and the gazebo is too hot in the summer.

Latest from NWS is snow on Tuesday only.



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