Tulips and Wildflowers

In some previous years on this date, there were tulips in my gardens. This year we have enjoyed an early spring, but with several visits from late winter weather and, more recently, temperatures lower than normal, accompanied by strong winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms. As though nature were trying to make up for the months of drought and lack of adequate winter snow cover.

During the drier spells, Samantha has rushed to the as yet unprepared garden plot (too wet) to discover if there are new scents of rabbit. (I’ve noticed the rabbit a few yards away, lately, eating the new grass in the German Shepherd’s yard. Perhaps Sam has been too enthusiastic in rabbit chasing. Our dogs loved the chase, but they didn’t know what to do when they catch up.) The damp weather is giving me some problems with breathing. I may have to resort to meds. My energy level is up, however. I am caught up on washing dishes and with the laundry.

I have been falling asleep early and sleeping soundly. Without the background noise of my air cleaner or the Nature recordings of surf or jungle. I do love the sounds of the wind and rain against the bedroom window within a foot or so of my head when I lie back to sleep. And I have been waking after an appropriate amount of time without using an alarm clock.

My brother (the one next in age to me), one of his sons and a granddaughter are planning to be in town, one day next week, and my brother has requested that Al and I meet them at our favorite restaurant for a meal on the day. He, his wife and children live about three hours away, so we do not get to see them as often as we would like. Should be fun if it happens! A lot depends upon the weather.

Speaking of eating . . . I think I should. I had an omelet and ham too recently, and I’ve eaten the last of the grits. I do believe there may be tapioca in my future. Or the better part of a pint of strawberry ice cream, still in the freezer from the beginning of the week; too, there is also a full pint of pineapple-coconut ice cream. Not, however, a handful of grapes and some of Al’s potato chips. Not! Absolutely!

Going off, now, to explore the possibles.