A simple breakfast

Breakfast plate: 2-egg omelet with strawberry preserves, 2 bunching onions, and 8 red seedless grapes
A Simple Breakfast

I awoke early, but didn’t get around to making breakfast until a quarter of seven. Several times I awoke during the night to find myself sitting in my recliner, my laptop desk across my legs, and I believe I dozed off a lot after finally waking a bit after five o’clock.

Breakfast was simple. A two-egg omelet with a couple tablespoons of strawberry preserves, two bunching onions, and a few red seedless grapes. Also, dark and strong black tea from a bag. So happy that the coffee maker will heat water for tea and at the same time brew coffee.

I got half of the dishwashing done. That would be the flatware, the smaller frying pan, a couple of glasses for beverages and a mug for tea. All I need now are disposable cups and glasses, and I would be totally happy. The full sink consists of glasses, cups, mixing bowls, and yogurt jars.  ( ̄ー ̄) I could subtract the added expense from my monthly allowance.

Before dark I took tulip photos, but just took them off my camera while the omelet was cooking. Samantha has just come in again from the back yard, where the neighborhood rabbit has dug a burrow in the north corner of my garden plot (which I have not prepared for planting because of the frost and excessive rains). I wonder how much of the garden I would have to dog-proof in order to ensure the safety of the baby rabbits when they arrive.




6 thoughts on “A simple breakfast

    1. I finally got all the dishes washed, aside from the baking dishes I used for baking the chicken breasts earlier in the week.

      I have found that I feel better when I get up early in the morning, no matter what time I get to sleep. It is SO NOT ME, however. 😀

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        1. I do so love to cook, and I like variety and variations on themes. I didn’t start cooking, however, until college, on account of when I started doing HS “home economics” classes, my concoctions started exploding in my mother’s oven, and she banned me from the kitchen. I think that was 9th grade. ::sigh:: LOL

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