In the Neighborhood

skateboarder, altered color

The day was cool, but sunny. Memorial Day’s passed, and school’s out for the summer. Children and youths have returned to the neighborhood streets. So has outdoor cooking, as well as illegal fires in the neighborhood. I expect that I will not be sitting outside in my gazebo often, except when it rains.

On that happy note, I must mention our weather forecast. We have a flood warning; the Red River has now grown beyond low flood stage due to heavy rains in May. It’s clear now, aside from locally smoky conditions, but beginning on Tuesday (50% chance of rain and thunderstorms), precipitation is mentioned in the forecast through next Saturday. Rain and thunderstorms! I’m wondering if the river level will go down, only to start going up again if the rain starts up in earnest again.

I have had a lot of fun taking photographs of tulips, wild flax flowers and such. And I look forward to a visit with family members who live some hours to the southeast of us.

Since I’ve been falling asleep a lot during the days, my sleep schedule is way off. I may still get a chance to go through some of the flower photos. In the meantime, I am down a meal and must explore the inner recesses of the refrigerator. At lunchtime, I had a hunger for cream of mushroom soup with additions of freshly steamed broccoli and braised Italian sausage. The taste is heavenly … but I do not dare to eat that sausage twice in a twenty-four hour time span.

At least I’m not having breathing problems, as indicated by both my SpO2 percentage being firmly in the normal range (who would a thunk it?) and pulse rate in the 70s.