Photos from Saturday, Sunday


We wandered about for a while in the back yard, yesterday. Samantha then settled in on the office desk chair for a long nap, while I looked through photographs (and took a nap). The weather was sunny, but chilly. Most of the flowers are surviving, but there will be no peonies, this year. The freeze-hot-freeze cycle, combined with the lack of snow cover over the winter, was too much for them. The skateboarders were out in force, doing their thing on the street in front of our house. (See previous post.)

underdeveloped peony plants
Sunday’s Peonies

I fell asleep after last night’s post. Without the computer in my lap. And I woke up without the alarm to feed Samantha approximately on time. I am hopeful that I can continue to get up and stay awake for an appreciable time during the day. And not eat any more Italian sausage before Monday. In the meanwhile, it’s omelets for breakfast, I think. (Oh, yes, even though the omelet pan didn’t get to the “to be washed” stack after its last use, which was browning the Italian sausage.) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ On our last grocery outing I selected two different packages of grated cheese with omelets in mind. And grits, but didn’t remember to buy grits. Sometime this week, surely.

Last night, I raided Al’s stash of shaved smoked ham, which I ate on flax bread with slices from the block of mozzarella cheese. When I first woke, I brewed coffee, but also heated water for tea. I also am doing the sports drink thing for the dehydration (smoke exposure). Swelling of my face and neck is going down.

I am now off to cook that omelet. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~