Tuesday’s Flower Art

We got up first thing in the morning, Tuesday, and Samantha and I were out in the back yard with the camera by seven o’clock. Because of the wildfires in Saskatchewan, Canada, smoke has dimmed the sunlight, adding a different cast to the photographs. The blues of the wild flax flowers appear much deeper and richer.

We finally had a break in the wet weather (rain and high humidity and heavy dew) enough that Al could mow the yard, which by this time had developed into a coat of invasive weeds. False buckwheat, bindweed, mustard, thistles and clover among them.

This was a special day; my sister and her daughter are on vacation from New England for a week. They dropped by to visit, mid-afternoon, a lot of talking, sharing, laughter and story telling. I believe that they have not been in this part of the country for seven or eight years. They got to meet Flea, play with Samantha, and visit the gazebo and the flower garden.

On a friend’s recommendation, we went to the Holiday Inn for dinner. Al and my sister ordered breaded walleye pike (what my sister comes back to Minnesota for, really, not to visit with family), my niece had the ribs, and I chose the salmon steak with tarragon rice pilaf. Turns out that none of the four of us do soup and salad bar. And all of us drink water with our meals.

It’s uncanny, how alike we three are, given our diverse ages and experiences.

Early Monday Morning

The flax flowers were losing their petals by Noon or a bit after. I got 17 usable photographs out of today’s visit to the garden with Samantha between six forty-five and seven o’clock. Sam spent some time hunting the fence line to see if the rabbit’d snuck in overnight.

I’ve enjoyed going through the photographs. While some are quite nice just as they are (I may get some up on JPGMag,* later), I found playing with them to be a welcome getaway activity. These are among my favorites.
*My JPGMag.com user name is dakotaspaces.

Flower Color

Color manipulated on blue flowers with yellow center, now green flowers with fuchsia center
Blue Wild Flax Flowers in Green
Closeup of blue wild flax flower, color manipulated to red
Blue Wild Flax in Red

I had meant to post this a few days ago, but . . . I was reading a wonderful book recommended to me by  “Fred the Needle” [Go forth and read the review, read the book!]: The Little Paris Book Shop,* while my husband was taking part in the ARRL Field Day activities, this past weekend, and I did not get nearly as much done around the house as I had intended.

While my husband was out with the ham radio fellows, Samantha (my dog) and I lived a spontaneous life that, surprisingly, included our getting up very, very early in the morning to take pictures of flowers, crows, dew on the garden, and other pleasing things.

*Written by Nina George, trans. from German to English by Simon Pare.

Thursday Photographs, First Shots

Samantha and I got up early on Thursday because of her eight o’clock appointment for a cut, shampoo and blow dry at the groomer’s. The grass and garden were saturated with dew. We had a nice time taking photographs before breakfast. After she and Al left, I went through the photos, and then decided that I would need more, and so I went out again mid-morning, and again during the noon hour, after Sam came home. By twelve-thirty, the wild flax flowers were falling, and by three o’clock, none were left. Plenty of buds to transform to flowers at Friday’s dawn.

blue wild flax flowers (color manipulated through color inversion) covered in dew
Blue Wild Flax Flowers
Morning Dew
blue wild flax flowers (color manipulated through color inversion) covered in dew
It’s All Golden
blue wild flax flowers (color manipulated through color inversion) covered in dew
Flowers and Dew Drops
blue wild flax flowers (color manipulated through color inversion) covered in dew
Golden Morning

Photo Pictures

Photo Art 2013-08-21

Before going to sleep, last night, I looked through my archives for some more good shots of the blue wild flax flowers and determined that I can duplicate that particular color using IrfanView.

Also, I made a silhouette (see below) from one of the snapshots I took yesterday morning, just after five o’clock, of an irregular meeting of the murder of crows that lives in our extended neighborhood. This was the first time I’ve seen a gathering in the cottonwood just across the back fence from us. The middle of the three large branches from the trunk, which has been cut back too many times by the power company to keep it off their lines, has died. I firmly expect it to fall in the indefinite future and take out power and phone service for many blocks. Maybe the next time we have a storm with 80+ mph straight-line winds.

crows in the neighbor's cottonwood tree
Murder of Crows
Dead Tree Branches

Happiness is your nature!!!

Lovely admonition and illustration


Some of us, we always associate happiness with objects and quantitative number. We always link or tied our happiness to something, someone, somewhere…As such, we might spend our life to pursuit “something” for us to attach, to satisfy and enjoy “Happiness” for a short while. Of course, a short while of happiness can’t satisfy, so we spend more and more time to chase, to look, to attach and this cycle will keep going on and on…. We are not aware, not willing to slow down, of course say no to “stop” to contemplate what is the root of happiness. We believe strongly that only “objects” and “numbers” can bring happiness.

Are you also like miss Mimi? Are you willing to stop and contemplate? Are you also like miss Mimi? Are you willing to stop and contemplate?

We love to play games with Miss Mimi, her favorite is to catch the string. She’ll keep running to chase the string instead of look for the…

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Not awake

I seem to have taken a very long nap. How did it get to be Wednesday already? We bought all sorts of good things at the grocery and butcher’s shop, early in the evening. I cooked and ate a bleu-cheese burger. Didn’t think of the potato salad or, a special treat, the crab salad. Didn’t think of the chocolate pudding, which I haven’t eaten for what seems like ages. Just . . . very tired. I did take some photographs, and was going to do up a couple special for this blog. that may still happen.

Also, I did write my poem, yesterday, for the Poetry 101 Rehab challenge on Quilted Poetry.

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