Breakfast Alternative

Cottage cheese, 3 kinds of chopped onions, garnished with blackberries and red grapes
Cottage Cheese with Ornamentation

I was in the mood for dairy, this morning, but did not want to have yogurt, which I am saving for a light lunch, later on today. So, I settled on cottage cheese with a three-onion mixture stirred in, garnished with blackberries and red seedless grapes, which still are on sale at the grocer’s. Must have been a wonderful grape harvest, somewhere. After I took this photo, I added a sprinkle of paprika. Just because everything tastes better with paprika.

Feeling pretty good, this morning. Hoping to get lots done in the kitchen, this afternoon. This weekend, I started going through a box of papers, etc., that my father has sent along to me via my brother. Treasures reaching back into the early 1940s. Having a fabulous time going through them! When he and my mother were in the Army and Navy, respectively, during World War II. Letters, mostly, but also school and recital programs and other keepsakes from the childhoods of those of his grandchildren who grew up in the same town as we did.

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        1. I’ve got the oranges, but no olives or peppers. I will paste a note of this to my desktop. Bell peppers or other? I usually buy yellow onions, ’cause they’re good sauteed for beef liver. (My taste buds were informed by childhood anemia.) One meal is a salad nearly every day.


      1. Oh, yes! My favourite is on fried eggs, soft yolk, atop a pan of stir fried veg from the garden. My dad always made if for us as children and it just isn’t the same with out the red sprinkles and warm and spicy scent wafting from it.

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        1. The second grocery we went to, this evening, had smoked paprika: a new item offered by my favorite herb/spice company (McCormick & Company). I hope to try it out in scrambled eggs, tomorrow morning. I have some nice grated provolone and mozzarella cheese to add, too.


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