Another Breakfast Alternative

roasted pepper and tomato soup with onions, chives, cooked egg yolk, etc.
Soup and Veggies
for Breakfast


I awoke about three hours earlier than I’d planned on, so there was more time to create and eat a tasty breakfast, this morning. Being aware of expiration dates, having eaten my last green salad packet on the “sell before” date, I searched the refrigerator and came across a carton of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. That became the base of my breakfast.

I added to the soup chopped onion greens and some fresh chives from their garden spot just out the back door, and a crumbled egg yolk. Also, there was Italian sausage that I had browned in the frying pan, last week; I added about three ounces. Across the top, I sprinkled powdered ginger and powdered cumin.

As sides, I added four bunching onions and a handful of sweet grape tomatoes that we’d picked up on one of our forays at the grocer’s, end of last week, and strong, hot coffee. I decided against homemade yogurt in place of the egg yolk. If I’d had grated extra sharp cheddar cheese, I would have put a layer over the hot soup; none of the varieties I had in the frig would have suited.

I was quite happy with the taste combination, textures, and temperature. I wish I’d made a larger serving. I am memorializing the meal on my blog.



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