Out and About, Safe at Home

Statuary with fountain
Fountain of Abundance

I felt invigorated by my short walk in the shopping mall, yesterday afternoon, and so I suggested that Al might drop me off there to walk while he went to his favorite coffee spot (at the other side of town). Nothing strenuous, but I did spend an hour wandering, and then stopped at the fountain entrance. I bought a glass of orange juice and sat in the sun, listening to the falling water. Al found me there fifteen minutes later. When we got home and had fed Samantha, I reheated the other half of last night’s meal from Cajun Café: mushrooms, boiled vegetables and bourbon chicken.

We didn’t get to sleep until after four o’clock, this morning, and so when I woke up just before noon, I decided on a white breakfast. Sort of. I had two cold, hard-boiled eggs, a cup of plain yogurt, and … I guess it was cream with coffee. I used the last of the cream and the remainder of the Toddy coffee concentrate, and washed out the carafe so that I could decant the latest batch. I’d boiled eggs, last night, too. So many dishes need washing. And flatware. And most especially cups. I think that I must put off starting the next batch of yogurt until tomorrow afternoon, when I’ll have at least some counter space.

I guess I am working backwards, here. Last night was cold and breezy and a bit dampish(, due to rain and a cold front?). Nobody was burning or cooking anything in their back yards, there were no parties, and the air was washed clean. I spent a nice lot of time curled up in the gazebo with my e-book reader. Al built it with double-pane windows and composite flooring with open eaves, so cool air comes up through the floor and flows out just before the roof. I’ve an old swinging bench, a step stool for a foot rest, and a portable space heater I can take out there on chilly evenings (or winter afternoons, when the sun is shining). When the weather isn’t suitable for backyard activities, it’s perfect for getting away from it all. I like my gazebo.

Now, I am going to have some red and black grapes, and maybe a wee bit of the Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream. And go to bed early.


4 thoughts on “Out and About, Safe at Home

  1. That’s quite a special gazebo, as I’ve thought ever since seeing pictures of the windows going in. {SMILE}

    It sounds like a lovely day, and a great evening before. Both in quiet ways, but quiet is good much of the time. {SMILE}

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    1. It is peaceful (except for orchestras, choral groups, bands, etc., during the holidays), but there are also special events. The mall merchants and association work hard to keep it people friendly, to make it a destination itself where people come to do their daily walking, bring a book and read for an afternoon, watch the fish in the aquarium, or drink coffee and visit with old or just met friends.

      There are many conversation areas (and well maintained restrooms) throughout the mall corridors. Lovely easy chairs and couches with tables. Art on the walls of the food court. Al and I like the Chinese and Cajun the best, but there’s also salad, fresh bread and sandwiches to order, soup at noon. And even a satellite clinic, if I should have more trouble with my breathing than I’m comfortable with.

      The mall was built, I believe, in 1972. My mother and I often went there together during the 70s and 80s. High-end restaurants to choose from with reasonably priced soup and sandwiches at lunchtime. We had an outing together every week for quite a few years when I worked the evening or night shift.

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