Playing Catch-up

This morning, while Al was still sleeping, I managed to wash and dry about half of the waiting plates and flatware, as well as some cooking pots, whisks and spatulas. Before that, however, Samantha and I went outside after her breakfast, and we took some photographs.

I had stayed up half the night, working on the second half of a poem whose first half poured out of my fingers earlier Saturday evening. I think, perhaps I’m only meant to write the first part of the train of thought. But, no, I’ve tucked my notes away and plan to come back to it later in the week. I’ve another in somewhat better condition also tucked away. They’d better resolve their problems more quickly than the last one that eluded me; I don’t plan to be around for my one hundred and sixteenth birthday.

After our afternoon naps, Al and I drove to Barnes & Noble, where I bought some blank books: a two-pack of lined pages (2.5″x4″) that fits in my pocket with my telescoping pen, so I can jot down ideas when I’m out, and a small sketchbook (spiral bound, perforated pages, should I be carrying a bag). An iPhone is no substitute for a computer with keyboard, but having paper and pencil to hand, I can at least write or sketch a reminder. The sky was blue with large, puffy clouds. Later on, after we had returned home, there was rain. Again.

Summer clouds, photo taken in the Barnes and Noble parking lot, Fargo, ND
Clouds in the Distance

My meals have been sporadic. For breakfast, I ate a cup of cottage cheese, and for lunch I had two hard-boiled eggs. I’m not sure, yet, about my next meal, but I should eat something before I go to bed. Yesterday, I did have a bowl of roast pepper and tomato soup and Mott’s Original 100% Vegetable Juice (ratio 2:1), which was really good cold with ice cubes.

A new day has arrived, and I really do have to go to sleep. Perhaps a nice hunk of mozzarella cheese, first.