Tuesday’s flowers

Samantha and I woke up early, this morning; first thing, we ventured out into the back yard. While she took care of her own business in her designated part of the yard, I ventured into the wild flax patch in the garden to take photographs, since the rain was abating. After breakfast, we went back outside, and I got some pictures of drier Blue Wild Flax flowers and an obliging hoverfly.

My breakfast, this morning, consisted of scrambled eggs, two tablespoons of strawberry preserves, and a sliced tomato. Also, orange juice. For lunch, I had a nicely ripened pear.

It was also computer back-up day. All of the photographs from my computer were copied onto my 1T external, and from there, onto my desktop’s 1TB hard drive; then the Windows User directories were copied onto my 3TB external drive. (Password updates were moved onto a separate drive; still have to make the new master list to print out. I also have to sort documents and books, and copy current versions and new files onto the 500GB external.) The way storage is going, I am going to be able to store safe deposit box back-ups on a couple of flash drives or cards. Lovely! Such changes have been wrought since I landed my first computer programming job (1968).

In the midst, somewhere, the dog and I once more went outside–hot and humid–where I took a few shots of the flowers on the Diablo Ninebark shrubs across the back fence.

We went out to buy vegetable and fruit juices, fresh fruit and milk. (Also, tapioca pudding for me and an apple pie for Al.) I shopped while Al went to the gas station around the corner, and then I browsed the book shelves while he did his shopping. Seedless grapes were $1 off a pound, and so I bought some more of the red seedless. My tastes seem to have changed over the years. I used to buy only the green grapes.

Supper was very nice. Shaved ham and mozzarella cheese on g-f millet bread. I’ve just now, after Samantha’s had her last meal and gone out for the last time before bed, had the other of my share of the pears. Beautiful

Time for me to brew a last cup of tea and try to get to sleep before midnight, tonight.


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