Just Thursday Blog Hop: My Morning

Large-curd cottage cheese, strawberries, mango slices, kippers and black tea

Samantha and I woke up at 7:35. For her first meal of the day, she gets dry dog food with no yogurt on it. We made a late-night run to the grocery: a ‘goodies run’. As a result, I had strawberries and mango slices to put on my large-curd cottage cheese; served with kippered herring in a tin and Red Rose black tea, strong and hot.

After we had eaten, we went outside, my iPhone and camera in my pockets. The yard looks much different since Al mowed it, yesterday. We’ve had alternating rainy days and warm, humid ones, and so the grass (and weeds) have grown mightily, but were impenetrable.

Samantha (cocker spaniel) and Flea (dog toy)
Behind Garden Weeds

The first thing we noticed was a jet plane above us headed for the airport. One shot includes both the plane and our amateur radio antenna tower, and the other, just the tower and the TV antenna. We don’t watch enough TV or movies to justify spending money on services. Recently half a dozen broadcast stations offering older TV series appeared; Al has watched a few of them since he found their schedules on the Internet somewhere. (I must remember to ask).

The neighbors’ vegetable garden has been planted, and the tomato plants are protected with plastic pails for the time being. Since they planted their flower and vegetable gardens, we have had stretches of colder weather and several frost warnings.

garden plot with tomato plants in plastic buckets
Neighbor’s Garden

My garden, such as it is, has not yet been turned, and since my allergies have gotten much worse, already, that might not get done. I will have to cut down the weeds where the flowers did not come up, this year. I may clear enough space to see if I can get some late flowers and herbs to grow. The herbs, I can try bringing in, this fall, in pots, if they do grow. In the meanwhile, wild flax are thriving in the midst of very tall weeds near where the neighborhood rabbit has made a burrow for herself at the northwest corner of the garden plot. (See Sam, above, passing the rabbit burrow.) The wild flax, which were supposed to be annuals, have been reseeding and coming up every spring for many years, now, weeds or no.

Late this afternoon, I hope to get to my appointment at the salon. These days, the stylist goes over my head with a razor set to 3/8″ and trims a bit more out over my ears. As much as I miss the seven-year growth, life certainly is much easier with short hair.

My thanks to Mara Eastern for bringing my attention to the Just Thursday thing on her blog.


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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely glimpse into your day! It’s been varied enough and interesting. And I totally hear your preference for short hair – I used to wear mine long too but now I’m sticking to short, even though I have to have the cut renewed more often than I’d like…

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